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The Best Online Quran School

If you are a new muslim who wants to learn the basics of Islam and want to understand the original text that came down from the sky and have been preserved for more than 1400 years without change then we offer you help at the best online Quran school.

Arabic Courses

Here we will start by teaching you Arabic, the language of the Quran and the language of the Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him, the language that Allah chose for the Quran.

First you will need to learn the alphabet of the Arabic language and that will be in the “Arabic Alphabet Course”, by going through this course you will learn how to identify theArabic alphabet and Arabic words, and you will also learn how to read and write in Arabic.

Next, you can also take the “Classical Arabic Course” and this where you will mainly learn how to read the Quran because as you may know there are multiple versions of Arabic if you could say so, it’s the same language and the same letters but new words have emerged through the centuries.

The Quran is written in classical Arabic, so by taking this course you will be able to understand the Quran.

Quran Courses

The Quran is a science, there’s how to pronounce the Quran which is called “Tajweed”, there’s a memorization course in order for you to properly memorise the Quran and not forget it.

And there’s the course of Qirat, Qirat means readings, it’s a Plural word in Arabic and its singular is Qiraa. Qiraa is the way you recite the Quran and is related to one of the Imams who used it. Differences in Qirat relate to the pronunciation of some letters and words without altering the meaning.

When our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived, people lived in many tribes in different regions. Each region had its dialect, which included different pronunciations or spellings of the same words. However, the meanings of the words don’t change.

There are ten types of Qirat. Each one of them was named after the Imam who used it.

Finally, after learning all the necessary rules of reading and pronouncing the Quran and after memorising it, there’s the Ijazah Course.

What is Ijazah?

Ijazah in Arabic means licence or certificate, and having Ijazah in Quran means that you are licensed to teach others the Quran.

Why do you need Ijazah to teach others the Quran?

Because there’s an unbroken chain of muslims from prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) to toady’s muslims that have received the Quran as the prophet received it from God, so in order to be able to teach others the Quran you need to teach it as the prophet received it from Allah and that is by earning your ijazah.

Be Quran will guide you step by step through your journey from not knowing anything about Islam to learning Arabic and being able to read and write in Arabic, and to learn the Quran and even be able to teach others about it.