Things to Know About QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

The QuickBooks hosting service gives users access to QuickBooks accounting software anytime, anywhere, just as the local desktop interface provides. Guaranteed uptime and fast access provide real-time, simultaneous remote access to QuickBooks software and data files. The main advantage of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Solutions is that you can increase your sales by servicing more customers in more places with less travel time and cost. Most importantly, QuickBooks hosting services not only serve more customers but at the same time effectively and efficiently serve them, enabling the best possible commerce. It’s also a great solution for businesses of all sizes with multiple offices and employees working remotely.

QuickBooks Hosting – Anytime Anywhere Access:

With QuickBooks Hosting, you can access your files from multiple locations at the same time with the help of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop for a true collaboration experience. This means that you are independent of your local network when you access it. The most obvious advantage of remote services is the quick response time of QuickBooks applications. This is because the application is installed and running on the latest highly optimized server, so you can access the files from anywhere.

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting service are:

  • Access from anyplace and at any time
  • Fast connectivity
  • Full-featured remote access
  • Multi-user access

Low infrastructure cost with Hosting services

With QuickBooks Hosting Services, the version of QuickBooks is installed and run on the terminal server and does not need to be installed on your system. (Requires QuickBooks license) With QuickBooks hosted on a terminal server, you don’t have to rely on the requirements of your local computer system and invest in regular updates of your IT infrastructure. The My Accounting Cloud application hosting service uses the latest Microsoft Windows Server 2008 for QuickBooks hosting, providing maximum availability and easy access.

Benefits of Accounting Cloud QuickBooks service considering Infrastructure

  • Every version of QuickBooks can be hosted
  • Savings on additional IT infrastructure
  • Comparatively better access speed than your local network.

Full access-controlled QuickBooks

Hosted on a QuickBooks terminal server, QuickBooks gives you access to all the features of the latest QuickBooks applications and all the versions of programs you may have installed. You may also be using a different version of QuickBooks software that My Accounting Cloud can support in your host environment. Hosting not only saves time and effort for different user installations and technical details but it can all be done on one hosted system. It hosts the same version you normally use and is licensed to use, so you don’t have to learn anything new to access it online or remotely.


Data and file security is arguably the most important thing for your company. Threats to data security can result from either delay in sending data over the network or threats to server storage capabilities. Accidental loss of data or loss due to spyware or viruses can compromise locally backed up data. QuickBooks hosting services enable the most secure storage of your data.


The QuickBooks hosting service includes 24/7 proactive system monitoring and customer support services to help you troubleshoot problems you are facing. Calls or messages to support will be answered within seconds.

All cloud service providers suggest hosting QuickBooks desktop applications on their servers, but given the quirks of accounting applications, Apps4Rent has expertise in this area and also provides guidance on Office 365 to Office 365 Migration to their users.