Top Reasons to Choose Tech Sales as Career!

The phrase “sales” conjures up images of secondhand automobiles and pushy techniques for many individuals. You can bet those are two things you won’t discover in any tech sales training. Indeed, the word “sales” is about the only thing that traditional sales positions and the hard but rewarding area of computer sales have in common.

Today’s salespeople could also be referred to as consultants or problem solvers. As a sales development representative or business development representative, your job is to build relationships and offer solutions rather than persuade them to buy products they don’t need.

If you’re ready to make a career move but aren’t sure where to start, tech sales jobs in Dublin are a great place to start, with a low barrier to entry, good pay, and plenty of room for advancement. And, in case you’re still not convinced (pun intended), we’ve produced a list of five reasons to seek a career in IT sales.

  1. It’s a rewarding and intriguing job.

Everyone eventually wants more from their career than just money. The importance of having a career that interests and stimulates you cannot be overstated. A career in technology sales can be quite interesting. You will have the opportunity to meet and work with smart people and solve significant, interesting challenges and build skills that will last a lifetime.

  1. There is no requirement for a degree or prior experience.

Companies are aware that good salespeople come from a variety of backgrounds. Soft talents like resilience, a continual learning mentality, and enthusiasm and determination to succeed are valued more than a degree. Because there are no precise formal requirements for working as a tech sales professional, anyone with a wide range of backgrounds and skills can be effective.

  1. There’s a lot of demand.

As the tech industry expands, organizations will require increasing customer-facing positions to communicate with customers and convert their products into income. As a result, according to LinkedIn, “tech jobs in Dublin Ireland” is the most in-demand job title.

  1. The possibilities for a career are unlimited.

Few jobs provide as much room for promotion as a tech sales representative. Several millionaires and IT investors, such as Larry Ellison and Mark Cuban, started their careers in sales. But, most likely, you’ll have to start as a business development representative and work your way up to account executive. It normally takes 1-2 years for this to happen.

The path you take after that is determined by your interests and strengths. Your skillset will be so comprehensive that you’ll be able to move on to managing larger accounts, leading a team as a sales manager, switching to the marketing team, or even starting your own business!

  1. The pay is excellent.

Tech sales jobs in Dublin is one of the most financially lucrative career possibilities in tech because of the large commissions paid if you reach your targets. Salaries differ greatly depending on where you work and for whom you work. According to LinkedIn Pay, here’s an overview of salaries for Sales Development Representatives (entry-level roles) and Account Executives (1-2 years experience) in some of Europe’s and America’s main tech hubs.

Salespeople are among the most contented, clever, and thoughtful individuals. Anyone with the correct perspective can embark on a satisfying and gratifying career path.