Thursday, September 21

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Software as a Service (SaaS) has been gaining momentum in the current lexicon. Contemporary tools are going SaaS, with more services being added by professionals and entities, snowballing into nightmare scenarios for management companies like Torii. They help them seamlessly navigate through this situation while also ensuring that their needs are met at all times – something we take pride in having helped many businesses achieve! The company confirms investment of around $10 million via a Series A round led mainly by Wing Venture Capital and other existing investors, including Global Founders Capital uncork capital Scopus Ventures Entrée CP.

Uri Haramati, the Co-Founder and CEO at Torii, knows a thing or two about launching SaaS applications. He’s been involved with Meerkat and Houseparty since their inception – but he says that managing these services was difficult for him because it is so different from running an onsite enterprise software company like his previous roles in IT consulting, where you have employees who do everything themselves instead of outsourcing some tasks out to third parties as well hiring more people if needed/wanted. “One of the major drawbacks to SaaS applications is that adding more people becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming for each user. With Torii – a whole new platform designed specifically with teams in mind who manage large volumes or software on behalf of other clients (such as Maria Saenz’s company Fast Title Loans) — these problems are solved,” said Drury.” 

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The SaaS company Torii started with the concept of deploying software for controlling all aspects that they were feeling. A smart automation engine finds and manages all their tools within it; no-code workflow engines are linked to those same functions for offboarding or onboarding employees (offence). Torii, a company that two former software engineers founded in response to the SaaS pandemic, is pleased with its latest funding. The investment comes after confirmation of a $10 million Series A round made it possible for them to achieve this goal and also deploy an automation engine across all platforms within your business, managing everything seamlessly without any hassle or pain points!

Last year, revenue for Torii was up 400% from the previous period. They have vital clients such as Palo Alto Networks and Monday. They contribute to their success in this rapidly growing industry with inclusive workplace practices that make them Growth Hacking leaders across North America!

The company doubles its employee count every other month while striving towards diversity within teams by gender-neutral hiring policies like 10 out 25 employees being women – a promising statistic considering how few companies care enough about both aspects these days.

Flomenberg invested in the company since he felt impressed by automation and its holistic approach to solving SaaS management issues instead of only going after a single chunk. He added that upon meeting the team, the vision became clear – how it meant to resolve all the problems within an operating framework which begins with proper information. Data gathered from various sources are trusted to create the total framework we can put together. Torii dipping into these indicators led them to build an automation-driven platform, says Haramati! The company has seen steady growth even though there are challenges due pandemic, like any other time before it – but they’re not slowing down their efforts on expanding or improving anything at all just because of what may come next; instead, team members are working hard every day now, so you don’t need to worry about going ability to get your products anytime soon (even if something does happen).

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