Wednesday, November 29 Aprilclark is an online music streaming site that was launched on February 9, 2009, by musicians from a small group. It allows users to stream music for free , and also to make playlists and share them. It also features an element of social networking that allows users to join with fellow music lovers and share their tastes in music. was founded to serve as an opportunity for artists who are not mainstream and to showcase the upcoming talents. The site offers a wide spectrum of genres of music including indie rock and hip jazz to classical and jazz. is an excellent source that is a must for all music fans of different kinds. In this post we will explore the background of the site and its creator, April Clark. We will also look at the various aspects of the website and how it has grown into a favorite site for music enthusiasts across the globe.

History of was established on February 9, 2009, in February 2009 by April Clark, a music enthusiast and an entrepreneur. Clark came up with the idea of the website after struggling for a platform for people to stream independent songs online. She wanted to build an avenue that would allow independent artists the recognition they deserve, and let music fans discover new talent and emerging talents.

Clark secured $1.5 million as seed capital from investors. She used the funds to create It was initially accessible to those within the United States, but it rapidly expanded to other countries. was the first to pioneer the field of streaming music. It was among the first sites to provide free, ad-supported streaming of music. The site was also among the first sites to let users make or share playlists.

The site was a huge popular among music fans and quickly gained a devoted following. In 2010 was named as one of Time magazine’s Top 50 websites. In the next year, the site was nominated for an award called the Webby Award in the music category.

It was in 2012 that has been acquired from Amazon for an unspecified amount. The website is still operating in its own way as an entity and has become one of the top online music streaming websites worldwide.

Features of is a streaming music website that provides a variety of options for its users.

The site’s library consists of more than 10 million songs, and can be streamed at no cost. There are no advertisements on the site and users can also create playlists and share them to other people.

The website also includes social features that allows users to communicate with fellow music lovers and share their interests in music. also includes a section called The List, which is an curated collection of the latest music that is available on the website. The list is updated every week and showcases emerging and new artists. is an excellent source for music lovers of all kinds. If you’re seeking new music or you’re looking to connect with others who love music, is a great starting point.

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