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Ufreegames Among US (November) Let’s Know About This!

Among US is a multiplayer online action/adventure survival horror video game developed by Fuma.

In this ufreegames, players are trapped on an abandoned island and must survive as long as possible with the limited resources that they have at their disposal. It features team-based gameplay mechanics and has a strong anti-military tone.

The ufreegames is being developed for Windows, OS X and Linux computers only. There’s no word on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or any other console versions of “AmongUS”. In addition to playing the ufreegames alone, unfreegame players can play it in teams of up to 5 ufreelive streamers, making “Among US” one of the very few ufreegames with a multiplayer mode.

The ufreegames officially announced on October 16, 2014. During the development of “Among US”, Fuma periodically released screenshots and short videos showcasing gameplay elements like the character creation system and weapons. Some of these assets were also used in several teaser trailers, such as the initial one that accompanied the ufreegames announcement.

About Among us game

On January 21, 2015, Fuma posted a mysterious teaser on Twitter featuring an old typewriter under a spotlight. The teaser’s caption read: “The Company sent me to find….” No other hints about this mysterious element of the ufreegames were given, so no one knew what to expect.

Fuma’s next tweet on January 23 confirmed that the teaser was related to “Among US” and contained a link to an old document about The Company, which would be part of the ufreegames’ story.

The document introduced The Company as a shady conglomerate specializing in military technology that had gone into hiding after being accused of unethical work. Unrevealed facts about The Company have since been revealed through updates posted by Fuma on Twitter.

On May 21, 2015, Fuma announced that “Among Us” would run on Unreal Engine 4 instead of Unity like its predecessor because it would provide better gameplay performance and graphics fidelity with lower development time compared to Unity. “Among US” became available for pre-purchase on Steam Early Access on November 30, 2015. In an interview with VideoGamesBlogger, Fuma explained that the ufreegames would be ready to leave early access in 2016 and hinted at a potential Linux version being worked on. A release date was announced soon after via a blog post published by Fuma during E3 2016 on June 14, 2016. “Among US” was officially released out of early access as a full freegame worldwide launch on July 18, 2016.

On October 3, 2017 it was announced through the official media channels of freestreaming website Twitch that AmongUS would be coming to Switch sometime this winter along with its new features such as an improved character creator, level system and the addition of cosmetic items.

Around the same time of Twitch’s announcement, Fuma revealed that they would be giving beta keys for AmongUS (still without stating that it was for Switch) to members of their Discord channel. This led to many accusations of an unofficial closed beta being conducted on PC with people accusing Fuma of using this opportunity to not only distribute beta codes but also make money off game sales which were supposed to support development costs since these keys did not include a free game but rather access to early betas. After confirming this, users who had managed to get their hands on the key began reporting back screenshots indicating possible plans for microtransactions in-game. A member of Fuma’s devteam also came forward to say that the game had originally been planned for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch but was later scrapped due to Fuma running out of funds for development.

Finally on December 12th 2017, it was confirmed via another interview with VideoGamesBlogger that AmongUS would be releasing on February 6th 2018 for $14.99 (the same price as the PC version) and while no official microtransactions were announced, there would be an online shop where players could unlock cosmetic items using in-game currency called “Freedollars”. The additional content released simultaneously included new locations, characters and yuri scenes.

Months after release though, began arising mostly around lack of updates and bug-fixes. More specifically large number of players had come to report that they were having trouble logging in due to the game failing to work on certain devices such as Android tablets, something which would further add fuel to the fire since it implied that Fuma was trying to save time on development by making AmongUS a purely PC/console experience while disregarding potential customers who might only have mobile access. Other complaints came from features that were hyped up but never saw light such as the promised DLC and only added more questions than answers about what happened during this months long period of silence before finally being dropped on Nintendo Switch without any prior notice.

AmongUS has currently received mixed reviews on Steam with some praising its story and characters while others calling it a technically inferior product that had become too expensive due to the addition of paid DLC.

On Metacritic it has currently received an average score of 48% based on 8 critic reviews. Among US is among the Top 100 best selling games for Nintendo Switch as of June 23, 2018 and has also been called ufreegames most successful title since 2015’s FETUS even if many players still feel cheated regarding promised features not making it into the final game and its abrupt release with no prior announcements or updates on PC or Nintendo Switch.

Can we play safely?

In the past, many have tried to play ufreegames among us without thinking about safety. In response to this Fuma has made new adjustments for this month’s update of AmongUS which will help better protect players from viruses while also introducing a new online shop where players can buy items using money earned by playing instead of forcing them to make use of their credit cards.

Users who still wish to play via unofficial means are advised against it and if anyone notices a key being sold anywhere other than on Fuma’s official media channels please report it immediately so that we may continue improving the service we provide here at Ufreegames.


For many years ufreegames has been known for its completely free games but AmongUS marks a new era where in addition to being able to play our games without spending a penny, players can choose to pay money in order to unlock additional features. While this is not necessarily something everyone will want, Fuma urges anyone who does so to be responsible when handling their finances and only spend what they are willing or are able to afford since trouble with payments may lead us into shutting the service down again.

However regardless of whether you prefer paid DLC over pirating or just play using official means among us contains several hours of material you won’t want to miss out on. And when you’re done why not try one of our other titles such as FETUS, Darcrows or Bambina?

You can play Among US right now on PC if you have access to Steam while it will be coming to Nintendo Switch in the near future. We at ufreegames thank everyone for their continued support and hope that this update will better serve our players.

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