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Venture 3.3b

With a focus on high-growth companies in the technology and healthcare industries, Venture 3.3B is an innovative venture capital firm founded by Managing Partners Christian Nagel and Kyle Elliott two years ago with $300 million raised from investors worldwide!

The Venture 3.3B ranking as the #3 venture capital firm in America is an impressive feat for this company. Its mission is to bring about sustainable change with innovative ideas and old-fashioned values like honesty, integrity, and generosity.

Christian Nagel is one of the most successful investors in tech today. He has led investments for companies like AppDirect, Helion Energy and Oscar Insurance before founding Venture 3B with).” Leo” Meatyard Jr., who helped him at Accel Partners, where they were responsible for notable deals such as Etsy (now known simply as “Etsy”), Facebook’s IPO on NASDAQ exchange GI Forum index FON:$$You can read more about their work together here.

Kyle Elliott is an experienced investor and the founder of Venture 3.3B, where he leads investments in healthcare companies like ClassPass that are revolutionizing how people get around town! Before founding his firm with partner Benjamin Dias (a fellow Highland Capital Partner), Mr Elliott worked at another successful Boston-based investment bank, helping lead deals for health while also working alongside other world-class leaders such as Rely MD’s CEO – Activision Blizzard COO Stephen tsokota Abe Mosseri on behalf another prestigious company -Zipcar which was recently acquired.

Venture 3.3B is a venture capital firm specialising in high-growth companies, specifically those involved with technology and healthcare industries; they were founded by managing partners Christian Nagel and Kyle Elliott, who have raised two funds worth $300 million altogether!

The Venture 3.3B, a leading venture capital firm based in the U.S., has been ranked #3 by PitchBook for 2019 with an investment portfolio including AppDirect and ClassPass, among others—all worth over $1 billion combined!

Related FAQs

How much has Venture 3.3B raised in total?

Venture 3.3B has raised $300 million in total across two investment funds and still going strong!

Who are some of the firm’s notable investments?

Venture 3.3B has been involved in some of the most innovative startups in recent history. Notable investments include AppDirect, a cloud-based software platform for small businesses; ClassPass, a subscription fitness service that gives members access to thousands of boutique gyms and wellness studios; Helion Energy, a fusion energy technology company; and Oscar Insurance, a health insurance startup. These investments have placed Venture 3.3B at the forefront of the tech and innovation industry.

When was Venture 3.3B founded?

Venture 3.3B is a German-based company that was founded in 2013 by Christian Nagel and Kyle Elliott, two entrepreneurs with extensive experience founding successful companies under their belts – including some of the industry’s most innovative startups.

The goal? To create an international hub for high-tech startups with a focus on innovation & entrepreneurship within science.

What is the focus of Venture 3.3 B’s investments?

The firm’s investments are focused primarily on the technology and healthcare sectors. They have made investments ranging from early-stage startups to established enterprises, focusing on disruptive products and services that impact existing industries or create entirely new markets. Their portfolio includes companies in Europe, the United States, Japan, China, and South America.

Furthermore, they have also invested heavily in research & development of new technologies and products that could benefit the world. They are always on the lookout for innovative projects with the potential to become game changers.

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