What are the Different Types of Desks Teachers Should Consider for Their Classrooms?

What are the Different Types of Desks Teachers Should Consider for Their Classrooms?
  • PublishedMay 10, 2023

Educators usually have a lot of tasks to do in their day-to-day life like grading their students’ assignments, attending meetings, teaching in different classrooms, and constantly solving problems. Meaning they are constantly busy. Therefore, instructors, tutors, and educators need to have very sturdy and secure desks which have lockable drawers to store their belongings and school supplies. It’s best to invest in a desk that will leave you feeling satisfied. If you are an educator and you want to purchase high-quality desks for your classrooms, then you should evaluate the different options below and choose the tables which have the features that you need.

Tables are based on their features.


Some tables have tiny wheels on the bottom which are known as casters, and they help the table to become mobile. Therefore, if the educator wants to perform important demonstrations near the students, he or she can just push the table closer to them. Casters are also beneficial in flexible classrooms. In addition, tables with casters help educators to move their tables from one classroom to another freely to educate students. These types of teacher desks are useful products for teachers who might have to change classrooms every school year.


Many tables have ample cabinet space for storing organizing papers, school supplies, and the personal belongings of educators. The cabinets are usually situated out of sight since they’re under the table. A lot of these cabinets have locks to protect sensitive documents such as tests or quizzes. This is great for teachers who need extra space for their items. There are times when teachers have to deal with nosy students so investing in a desk with the proper locks can give them a piece of mind.

Cable management

If there are a lot of wires and cables that crisscross your table, then it may be time to get a table with cable management. This table has small holes at the top where you can pull your cables through, to keep them organized and off the working space. This is great because technology is heavily prevalent within the teaching field. There needs to be an ample amount of space for their computers and other teaching equipment. These types of desks make it easier for teachers to have all their cords in one place without having to worry about anything getting tangled.

The material of the table

Wooden tables

Wooden tables are a popular choice for educators around the country. You can purchase tables made from solid hardwood or plywood. In addition, there are various beautiful finishes to choose from. These tables look great in a classroom, and they are durable. There are going to be times when students get rowdy. Being prepared with tables that are built to withstand rowdy children can bring teachers peace of mind while they teach.

Steel table

Tables that are created using steel typically have durability, are safe and secure, and require minimal maintenance. Moreover, many tables are not usually fully made of steel. Only the top of the tables is made using high-pressure laminate which is resistant to scratches and is easy to clean. These tables are great for when it comes to messy projects or students who might mess around. Steel tables won’t clash with the teacher’s decorations, so they can enjoy a classroom that matches.

Tables with Pedestal drawers

Single pedestal table

This is a table that has a great working surface and only one column of drawers which can be found on either the right or left side. In most cases, the drawers come equipped with locks. These are great for space as there may be times when the school doesn’t have enough space for your stuff. But teachers don’t want to leave their personal belongings out in the open. These are classic desks that are typically seen in most classrooms. 

Double-pedestal table

This table has a column of drawers located on both sides of the table. The drawers can come equipped with locks and may also have a shallow pencil drawer located beneath the working surface. Another great desk when it comes to having an ample amount of space. Plus, these types of desks give teachers opportunities to add more stuff. If students need a pencil sharpener or any other gadget, these desks have just the right amount of space.

Standing tables

These tables enable educators to be flexible and change their positions within the schoolrooms, lecture rooms, and auditoriums. It can get tiring sitting at a desk for too long. Investing in a desk that gives you the ability to stand gives teachers more energy to teach a lesson. Plus, it doesn’t force them to be strapped to their desk, instead gives them mobility to move around and interact with students. Many of these tables are equipped with casters to enable mobility within the learning space.


Educators need tables that are durable, ergonomic, flexible, and highly functional. In addition, an educator should choose a table that has the features they desire. They can choose from options like a double pedestal table for ample storage, lockable drawers for security, and a table with holes at the top for cable management. These desks are great investments for teachers who want to enjoy their job without having to stress about their belongings. Some of these desks allow them to move around, boosting their mood and leaving their students feeling happy.

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