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What dinosaur has 500 teeth name?

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

The answer might be a little complicated. This joke first started as a Reddit post. A user went onto the website and posted a picture of a dinosaur with its teeth showing, asking where all those teeth came from!

A single species would never have that many teeth, but what species does? Everyone says that Allosaurus must have cut through their prey like butter with those kinds of numbers. However, they couldn’t possibly have had so many teeth. It would be more likely for them to lose one or two throughout their lives than gain 598 more! They may not even live long enough for such an increase!

A theropod known as Carcharodontosaurus is thought to have, perhaps, had 500 teeth. This would be possible if it had a different kind of jaw construction. Teeth from both jaws could line up with each other. But this doesn’t explain how they replaced teeth so quickly. If they grew one row every three months, every tooth would only last for nine years! They would constantly lose teeth and develop new ones before they even fell out! It’s probably safe to say that Allosaurus couldn’t possibly have had 500 teeth at once, but we can’t rule out Carcharodontosaurus just yet.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth meme?

Though the Nigersaurus name is not as popular as other dinosaurs, it has become widely known. Not only did it have 500 teeth, but its neck was much longer than most other coelurosaurs. Coelurosaurs are a sub-group of the dinosaur family that includes t-rexes and raptors. Nigersaurus tardabilis had about five hundred and fifty rows of teeth in its jaws. A French researcher discovered the fossil of this dinosaur, which had these impressive dental features. The scientist who found the remains named it after where he saw them, Africa’s Niger Republic. Since the discovery, this area came to be called ‘Nigersaurs’ by many people.

Nigersaurus tardabilis had a long neck and scavenged for lots of vegetation. It also ate little dinosaurs, probably easy prey because of their fragility. Nigersaurus’s name is popular now, but it was not named until after its remains were discovered in 1999, so there are still new things to learn about this dinosaur! This dinosaur grew up thirty feet long. Its fossils have been found throughout Africa. The first fossils scientists found came from the Niger republic, which led them to call it Nigersaurus tardabilis or ‘the slow reptile from Niger.’ We know that it grew up thirty feet long and lived during the Cretaceous. This dinosaur had a very long neck and was about the size of a city bus.

Nigersaurus tardabilis was found in Africa by a French scientist, so it has been called Nigersaurus since its discovery. The researcher named the dinosaur after where he found it: Niger Republic. When Americans heard that name, they shortened it to ‘Nigersaurus.’ Now, this dinosaur is known as more than just Nigersaurus, but we will still call it that because of where it comes from! Though scientists are not sure how much vegetation Nigersaurus consumed every day, they know that Nigersaurus’s jaw held up to five hundred teeth once! This makes significant the number of teeth that a Diplodocus has. Nigersaurus was a little bigger than a city bus, thirty feet long! Scientists know about this dinosaur because it had many fossils found throughout Africa. Many scientists think that Nigersaurus lived during the Cretaceous period of Africa, which makes it one hundred and seventy-five million years old!

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