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What Is A Cannabis Vape Liquid And Where Can You Find One In The Uk?

What Is A Cannabis Vape Liquid And Where Can You Find One In The Uk?
  • PublishedDecember 29, 2021

Cannabis vape liquid, better known as CBD e-liquid here in the UK is a type of cannabis oil that you can vape using a vaping device such as a vape pen.

Unlike high-strength CBD vape oils, CBD e-liquids are rather light with only upto 10% of CBD content, making them perfect for regular users as well as the ones looking for its medicinal properties. 

As such, there are two types of cannabis vape juices that you can find:

  1. Marijuana-derived which contains high amounts of THC- the psychoactive compound of cannabis found in abundance in marijuana plants. (THC is prohibited in the UK with the exception of 0.2% at max.)

  2. Hemp-derived contains moderate amounts of CBD which is the main medicinal compound of cannabis found mostly in hemp. And therefore, all cannabis products in the UK are strictly made from hemp and not marijuana.

Moving on, CBD e-liquids usually have the same composition as ordinary e-liquids i.e. a PG/VG base for dilution. The only difference is that instead of nicotine or flavouring, cannabis vape liquids contain CBD along with minor cannabinoids to deliver its effects and natural terpenes to give them their taste. 

So the best CBD e-liquid in the UK would be nothing but pure hemp extracts mainly CBD and minor cannabinoids, PG/VG carrier oil, and natural terpenes for flavouring.

Consequently, cannabis vape liquids are quite thin and light in their consistency. This also makes it possible to vape them using any traditional vaping device you may use with other e liquids just be sure to get yourself a CBD e liquid where you can fill your existing tank. 

Another factor that makes cannabis vape juices the perfect alternative to smoking, eating, or drinking is its high bioavailability which is the amount of a drug that gets absorbed into the body for active effects. Compared to other mediums of taking cannabis, vaping is also the fastest when it comes to delivering instant effects. 

Qualities such as these make CBD e-liquids the most effective form of cannabis for medicinal use. For instance those looking to opt CBD for anxiety and similar issues!

Furthermore, CBD e-liquids are sold in both standard size cartridges which you can mount on a vape pen, and bottles that you can use to refill the tank of your existing vaping device. They can come in many delicious flavours, but the most authentic the better such as Lemon Amnesia Haze. 

As you can see, cannabis vape liquids offer all the amazing health benefits of cannabis with as much ease as possible. 

All you need is a vaping device, and a CBD vape liquid in your favourite flavour, and you’d be good to begin your vaping journey in a safe and sound manner. 

In case you’re looking for something stronger, try searching for the best CBD vape oils for sale in the UK as these are pure extract and so will be much higher concentration. 

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