What Is Ampleo? (CFO Services, Strategic Financial Solutions)

What is the History of Ampelo?

Ampleo was founded in 1999. The company began as an accounting firm.

What is the Ampelo business?

And quickly grew to offer financial advisory services for businesses large and small.

How many employees work at Ampleo?

However, ampleo provides strategic guidance on managing your finances effectively, focusing on helping you achieve business growth goals within budget constraints. It is a private company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

What does Ampleo do?

The company has a core team of seasoned professionals with a breadth and depth of experience in the financial services industry.

Services offered by Ampleo:

Strategic financial solutions:

Strategic financial solutions are the clear need of the hour in today’s intensely competitive business world. We know that to make money. You also have to spend money! And for companies, this cost is either directly related to their revenue or not tied at all. At Ampleo CFO services, we seek to bridge the gap between the two sides of the business with our range of strategically designed financial services.

Our team has worked closely with start-ups, SMEs & Fortune 500 firms, along with being part of some of India’s most renowned consulting organizations. This wealth of experience in varied domains gives us a unique perspective on how businesses should be run in different situations and what solutions best fit them. We know what you need when you need it.

Corporate finance advisory services

Corporate finance advisory services have been a strong area of growth for Ampleo. The company, backed by international finance and technology professionals, announced its expansion into the financial services market earlier this month.

“Corporate finance advisory services have always been our core business,” said Mark Spencer, co-founder of Ampleo. “But we felt that we needed to expand our focus and set ourselves apart from other professional advisory firms.”

The company has partnered with some of Australia’s financial leaders, including Jason Thornton (head of investment banking at Lazard), Craig Cogut (former head of UBS Investment Bank), and Robert Tyson (CEO of global transaction banking at HSBC). Together these experts will pool their resources to provide Ampleo ‘s clients with their financial needs.

Also, Ampleo recently added Scott Wilson (MD of Corporate Finance at National Australia Bank) to its Advisory Board. Commenting on the appointment, Jason Thornton said: “Scott’s market knowledge is second to none, and his strategic insight into capital markets will be invaluable for our corporate finance practice.”

With over 20 years of experience in the banking and investment industry, Scott Wilson has worked for senior management roles with leading financial institutions, including Westpac Banking Corporation, Deutsche Bank AG, and UBS AG. His impressive career included managing over $50 billion worth of transactions. He was also an Investment Manager at Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Future Fund.

Business valuation and advisory services

Business valuation and advisory services Ampleo is situated in Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. It has an estimated asset of RM 1 million. Its liquid assets stood at RM 2.1 million while its current liabilities were at RM 0.1 million, which gave it a working capital of RM 1.9 million as of December 2011 financial year-end. It recorded an increase in revenue by 42% last year but did not profit or lose during the previous financial year(FY2011). This was due to high financing costs incurred on short-term credit facilities amounting to RM 0.8 million.

The Industries That Ampelo Covers:

  • Manufacturing
  • High Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Business Services
  • Wholesale/distribution/logistics
  • Retail/hospitality industries and more!

Ampleo is a dynamic company that has been designed to provide the best solutions in the market for any business, no matter how big or small it is, which is why we have so many clients from a different lines of work all over the world. Ampleo was created with a simple goal in mind – be better than our competitors and meet our clients’ needs to the fullest extent possible. This way, we have managed never to let down any of our clients.

The Price And Quality:

Ampleo offers its services at the most competitive rates, and we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the results we can provide. We can guarantee this because we know what type of people we have working for us – only the best – and because we do everything possible to make sure each of our clients receives their money’s worth, no matter how large or small their budget might be. The quality of service does not depend on size – it depends on dedication, planning, and work ethics – all of which come as a standard when dealing with Ampleo.

Reasons Why Ampelo Better Than Other:

1. Teamwork: Ampelo puts in teamwork to ensure that all clients are satisfied with the results.

2. Quality: The people in this company were well trained, gave them the ample time required to perfect their job, and never insisted on rush jobs to ensure quality control.

3. Commitment: They handle just one client at a time, therefore, giving that client all the needed attention when it comes to financial solutions for his business.

4. Security: Since every little detail is important in their work, security is always considered, thus making sure your information will never be known by another person besides you and them only.

5. Accuracy: Money does not grow on trees, you work hard to buy your dream car and build a beautiful home; for this reason, you need to make sure every little payment is correct, not leaving any space for mistakes.

6. Transparency: For the best working relationship with our clients, Ampelo provides full transparency in business records by maintaining all their clients’ financial records up-to-date.

7. Trust: This company allows new entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses since they understand how it feels like to start independently without any financial influence or connections that would boost your business morale.

8. Communication: They are always available 24/7 through different media channels should you have any questions, inquiries, or suggestions. 

9. Cost-Effective: They understand how hard it is to start a business from scratch without any funds therefore, they aim at helping new entrepreneurs build their dreams even though their prices are very competitive and affordable by all standards.

10. Timely: They respect their client’s time, never waste it, and always do all required within the given time limit by the client.

11. Reliable: They have been in this business for many years now; hence, they know what mistakes to avoid and what measures to take to ensure timely delivery of every financial solution offered regardless of its size or quantity needed within a specific time frame.

12. Integrity: Since trust plays a huge part in this business, they always deliver what is expected at all times without fail.

13. Quality: They offer a wide range of finance solutions that will fit your business needs and requirements within any given time frame, thus making the quality of their services more reliable hence worth the money you invest in acquiring those services from them.

14. Competency: This company takes ample time to establish itself as an expert in giving qualified advice on how to boost your company’s financial growth and enhance cash flow at no extra cost.

15. Experience: They have ample experience to offer outstanding financial services that will boost your business cash flows and growth in a short time frame. Hence, this makes them more reliable to acquire their services from them.

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