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What is Facebook Business Suite?

What is Facebook Business Suite?
  • PublishedOctober 12, 2021

Social media has become an important tool in the world of business. From reaching out to a company’s existing client base to generating a large number of leads, social media plays a significant role in boosting a business’s growth. 

To provide help with such marketing practices, Facebook has launched its own Facebook Business Suite.

The new Facebook Business Suite recently launched by Facebook is a set of tools that will help people grow their businesses. These tools have been carefully developed with the user in mind, to save time and energy while offering innovative marketing strategies. This suite includes features such as training videos, promotion tools, interactive modules, and marketing insight.

People can now access their Business Suite dashboard for free, which will help them find new ways to grow their business. The features found in this suite are an incentive to businesses that use Facebook. This is because over 40% of the company’s revenues come directly from advertisements on its site.

What does Facebook Business Suite do?

This suite is most effective to manage your ad campaigns. This is because these tools will help marketers develop targeted ads to reach out to their target audience more efficiently. For example, users can now create custom audiences, allowing them to find specific people with common interests based on demographic information and other user data.

Organic content is also a part of the new suite. This allows marketers to create new posts and share them on their page( both instagram and facebook).

In addition, they can now schedule these posts as well as analyze how users engage with them over time. Consequently, businesses will have an easier time keeping their new and existing audiences entertained and generate more meaningful interactions.

On the other hand, users can now create ads in just a few simple steps through the Business Manager dashboard. The new suite also helps marketers choose better ad formats, target their audience more accurately and generate reports that they can use to track their progress.

Features of Facebook Business Suite:

Facebook Business Suite is a set of free tools that businesses can use to interact with their clients and reach out to new audiences. Some of the features offered by this suite include:

– Promotions tool: Users can create a campaign on their page and let people know about promotions exclusive for them. They can also manage how users respond to these offers.

– Custom audiences: This tool allows marketers to find specific people with common interests based on demographic information and other user data.

– Training videos: Facebook has added training modules that teaches businesses how they can use the new tools to reach out to their clients more effectively.

– Marketing insight: Users can now get insights about their pages and optimize their pages to reach out to a wider audience. Users can also track their progress and compare past data with current results, which helps them make better decisions about their marketing strategies.

– Post scheduling: This feature allows users to schedule posts for later publication on their page. Moreover, they can view reports that show how these posts improve over time.

– Ad creator tool: This feature allows marketers to create new ads to target specific audiences. Plus, they can choose the format that works best for their campaigns and preview how these ads will look before publishing them on their page.

– Ads reporting: This software offers users with comprehensive reports about their ad campaigns so they can track various aspects of their progress.

– Ad insights: This feature allows users to find out how their audience engages with the ads they publish on Facebook.

– Business manager dashboard: With this dashboard, marketers can manage and track all of their ad campaigns from a single location. They can also use the insights offered by this tool to make better decisions about their marketing strategies.

What is the Business Manager Dashboard?

The Business Manager dashboard is a tool that helps businesses manage their pages, ad accounts and assets. It also offers insights about these assets to help users make better decisions. The insights offered by this software include:

– User demographics: Facebook provides businesses with the age range, gender and location of the users who view their pages.

– Page insights: This feature offers details about the number of people who like a page, how many people see its posts and other similar information. Plus, it also shows businesses which topics perform best on their page so they can adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.


By providing free tools to businesses, Facebook not only shows how serious it is about the success of its users but also helps them reach out to new audiences. Moreover, with the help of these tools marketers can now easily track their ad campaigns and generate better insights that help them improve results. These features are just some of what this social media giant offers in its Facebook Business Suite.

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