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Whatfinger News: Everything You Need To Know

Whatfinger News: Everything You Need To Know
  • PublishedDecember 17, 2021

The latest news from around the world.Whatfinger News is a lifetime member of the Society of Professional Journalists and operates under journalist ethics and all relevant laws for online news sites, including being registered with the U.S. Copyright Office to protect our content from theft or infringement.

Our mission is simple: We want to inform you about what is happening right now at home and abroad without bias by reporting on what no one else will report on. When major news sites leave out important but inconvenient information about stories that matter, we have no choice but to set the record straight so you know exactly what’s going on in America and throughout the world.

What is Whatfinger News?

When we say “Whatfinger”, we mean: Comment on the news and stay informed about world events, be aware of what those crazy politicians are doing… without the fluff! For example, our big focus is on illegal immigration from the south of the border. In fact, as a part-time resident of Mexico who has been down there six times this year alone because I love Mexican food so much, I have first-hand knowledge about it.

The mainstream media makes us sick with their propaganda and lies designed to sway your opinion for ratings instead of informing you about the truth. If you watch only one network other than Fox News that claims to be independent but is a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch, you’re getting duped.

The app has U.S., world, conservative, liberal, business and technology, and sport news sections. You can also personalize the feed according to your interests. The layout is simple and easy to use, and you can quickly access the stories that interest you most.

Whatfinger News is a great way to stay informed because you don’t want to miss the critical stories buried by the mainstream media.

We won’t waste your time or mislead you as competing news outlets do. The other guys report what they know, but we tell you what they’re not telling you. We also give our opinions on some of the finer points so there isn’t any confusion about how we feel about an issue or event.

History of Whatfinger News

Earlier this week, Whatfinger News was banned from Facebook for posting truthful stories about migrant sex crimes in Sweden and Germany; stories mainstream media outlets refused to cover because it didn’t fit their liberal agenda of allowing unvetted immigration into Europe. We post our stories on Facebook.

The website was also banned from Google Adsense, our primary source of income. Without it, we can no longer afford to pay our writers or cover the costs of running the site. The good news is that after months of emails to tech giants like Microsoft and Apple asking for open market access without censorship, one huge company finally came through! If you have an android phone or tablet, go to Whatfinger News in Google Play Store and download the app for free.

The main objective of the program of Whatfinger News

To intercept a news item going viral in social media and then re-publish it with a new headline or a slightly edited one.

The objective of Whatfinger News is to generate traffic by pretending to be an important source of breaking news that readers cannot afford to miss, thus increasing its popularity.

Since this program was created about two years ago, it garnered more than 4 million followers for its Facebook fan page, 1 million followers for its Twitter account and nearly 200k subscribers on YouTube.

According to the founder of Whatfinger News, the whatfinger app should be considered “one of the social media’s biggest success stories” because many people are using it without knowing its true purpose.

The Site sections of Whatfinger News

  • Main video
  • World News
  • Entertainment Program
  • Conservative News
  • Entertainment and Sports
  • TOP 5 Best News
  • Business and money
  • Health and fitness
  • War
  • US News
  • Surveys


Whatfinger News is an excellent app for keeping up with the latest world news. It is easy to use and provides accurate information. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stay informed about what is happening in the world. Thanks for reading!

Download Whatfinger News today to stay ahead of the curve with breaking news and world events! Available on Android and iOS.

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