Which poker variant is best?

  • PublishedOctober 24, 2022

Poker seems to have been invented during the 16th century in modern-day Germany.  It was not known as ‘poker’ back then but only acquired that name in the 19th century when it was brought to the United States. 

Over the centuries, the game changed and acquired new rules. There are now different variants of poker throughout the world.

The different variants available in casinos 

There are different poker variants available to players. Some of these variants are accessible in certain venues only. 

For example, land-based casinos may offer different poker versions from some of the online casinos you will find on the internet.

Generally speaking, the most famous online providers offer all of the key poker variants. Playing poker online is therefore a good way for gamers to try different variants and find the one they like best. 

Choosing which poker variant is the best is, after all, very subjective and will depend on your taste and your preferences. 

Either way, online casinos tend to have a large range of gaming options and versions of famous casinos games. This is usually possible for them because an online casino is cheaper than a land-based one.

Online casinos have the luxury of not renting out or buying an expensive terrain to build their casino. They do not have to invest in, or maintain, expensive slot machines, tables and other essential gaming items

Furthermore, some casinos are offshore casinos which helps them reduce their costs and their taxes. An offshore casino is “a casino located on foreign soil, which therefore operates outside the laws of your country”. 

Offshore casinos are rapidly growing and expanding. Their quick growth and evolution are due, for the most part, to ongoing technological developments

Indeed, technology has evolved over the years which has benefited offshore casinos and online casinos.

The different poker variants 

There are many different poker variants. In this article, we will introduce some of them and explain the differences between them. 

First of all, before exploring variants of poker, it is important to understand what poker is and how it is traditionally played. Back in the days, poker was usually played with one 52-card pack. 

Nowadays, people play it with two 52-card packs. This is mostly the case in online casinos. 

In a nutshell, playing poker consists of placing bets. Players will each have some casino tokens, or chips. 

They will be able to use these tokens to place their bets throughout the game. The game starts with each player receiving 5 cards. 

Depending on the cards you get, you can have what is known as a ‘good hand’ or a ‘bad hand’. Basically, a ‘good hand’ means you have a good combination of cards which will help you throughout the game. 

The best combinations to have will depend on the variant that you play. In the more traditional poker variant, the best hand you can have is a ‘royal flush’ or an ace, a king, a queen, a jack, and a ten. 

Those who do not have a good hand can always bluff to win the game. If you bluff well enough, the other players will withdraw and let you win. 

The usual terms used when playing poker are ‘call’, ‘raise’, and ‘fold’. When you ‘call’, you are placing as many tokens as the player before you. 

If you choose to ‘raise’, you are placing a higher number of tokens than the other players before you. In other words, you are raising the stakes.  

If you choose to ‘fold’, you are withdrawing and losing the tokens you have already put into the game. 

Now that you know the traditional rules of poker, here are some of the most famous poker variations: 

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha Hi 
  • Card Stud

  • Texas Hold’em

This poker variant is the most popular one. When playing this variant, the goal is to have the best 5-card poker hand. 

This poker hand can be any combination of cards but must include 2 of your original cards and 5 ‘community’ cards. The community cards are basically cards that you earn as you play and that can be used by all players to shape their poker hand. 

There are many videos available online to teach beginners the rules of Texas Hold’em. 

This game is good for new poker fans who want something that is accessible and easy to learn. It is so popular that you can find it online and in many land-based casinos. 

It can be considered too popular by some of the more advanced and experienced poker fans. If you are already a major poker fan on the lookout for a lesser-known variant, this one is not for you. 

  • Omaha Hi 

This game is very similar to Texas Hold’em but instead of having 2 original cards, also known as hole cards, you will be dealt 4-hole cards at the beginning of the game. 

To win you also need to have the best 5-card hand. It can be any combination but must include 2-hole cards, or original cards, and 3 community cards. 

This version makes it easier to score a good hand because of the higher number of cards you will receive. 

This game is very popular but less so than Texas Hold’em. For this reason, it is a great game for those who already know Texas Hold’em and want to try a different poker variant that is not too difficult to learn. 

It is open to beginners and more advanced players. However, because it is a bit less popular, it can be harder to find in local casinos and online venues. 

  • Card Stud 

This game is less popular than the other ones but remains a well-known poker variant for those who watch poker tournaments. It is a bit harder to learn, compared with the other two versions, but worth a try if you are looking for something a bit more challenging. 

Similarly to the other two versions, you must have the best 5-card poker hand to win the game. However, you start the game with a full, individual hand distributed to you. 

Only some of each player’s cards will be shown to the other players. Based on the knowledge you gain from seeing their revealed cards, you will play to earn the cards that you need in order to upgrade your existing hand and win the game.    

This game is great for more experienced poker players. 

Final thoughts 

Choosing the best poker variant is a subjective process. With the following information, you can select the one that suits your particular needs and is suited to your gaming preferences

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