Who is Yelena AOT and What’s the age of Yelena?

Yelena AOT (All Out War) is a new anime series from Studio Trigger. The story revolves around two young girls who become friends after being kidnapped by a group of criminals. They escape together and form a team to fight against their captors.

AOT was released on Netflix on February 23rd, 2019. The show has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike. Many viewers have praised the show for its unique plot and characters.

Who is Yelena aot?

Yelena aot is the main protagonist of the show. She is a 24-year-old girl who lives in Japan. Her father is a police officer, and her mother is a doctor. She is also a member of the All Out War Team.

We can see that Yelena AOT is knowledgeable when meeting her during the early episode. She does have some flaws, though. One such flaw includes her tendency to be overly emotional. This makes her prone to anger at times. She also seems immature at times.

Yelena AOT has a strong connection with someone named Eren Jaeger. Early in the first episode, it is revealed that he was her childhood friend before everything happened.

After five years, when she meets Eren again, she discovers that he might be responsible for all the chaos in humanity’s history. However, she doesn’t believe this to be true. She trusts him so much that she even tries to kill herself at one point in time because of his actions.

She becomes friends with Mikasa Ackerman after being rescued from a hospital in Episode 8. Yelena’s AOT relationship with her is pretty good. It seems like she’s been looking out for her ever since they met.

She is also best friends with Armin Zeva. He takes care of her when she gets sick and helps her out whenever needed.

When she finds out that Eren saved her life by donating half of his blood to save her, she realizes that there is a chance that he could be innocent. But just because she knows he isn’t guilty of what he did five years ago doesn’t mean that she wants to help him find his sister Hange Zoë. Even if she had nothing against him at the moment, she still hates him for taking away all her family members without any remorse. Despite knowing he couldn’t stop himself from doing that.

Eren’s dad is currently living in Sweden. His mom is dead.

At one point in time, Eren tried to rape her. But it turns out that she wasn’t even real. She was just a figment of his imagination created by Dr. Ymir. Eren is now under the influence of an alien called Historia, to make matters worse. She creates hallucinations inside of Eren. These include people and events that don’t exist.

It becomes apparent that A female creature is controlling eren.

However, there are moments where we can see that he isn’t entirely under her control. Such as:

1 When Erwin kills Reiner Braun.

2 Even when he goes into hiding, he remembers parts of things that he shouldn’t remember, like his family. etc.

3 During the Battle of Wall Maria with Colossal Titans, he uses his power and tries to protect her. Later we finally discover that he wanted to change the world hence why he went through all that trouble.

4 At the end of the war between humans and Titans, he holds up a gun to protect her and then points out that he will take responsibility for killing her.

So even though it looks like he is in control, he isn’t at all times..

I would want to add here: Yes, Yelena AOT is a villain who plans to destroy humanity. As far as the manga series goes, there is no doubt about it!. And yes, I felt terrible while reading it.

A fan-made video where they talk about how great she is can be found here.

How old is Yelena Aot?

Yelena Aot is around 24 yrs old at the start of the story but grows older as it progresses. She’s a very hot girl, meaning she’s always well dressed, fashionable, etc., and she’s got abs of steel. She’s intelligent and witty yet sometimes comes off as arrogant and haughty. She loves music and singing, but not necessarily playing instruments.

She also loves to eat. It’s her weakness and something she does frequently to avoid other issues.

Unlike most characters in the show, Yelena AOT is not particularly friendly to others, especially those she perceives as inferior or “less than.” She gets annoyed easily and speaks relatively freely, which makes her quite annoying sometimes. While extremely confident, she is often insecure about herself and her talents in certain areas. She also gets jealous over little things that happen or has happened to another person – whether it’s someone else winning a competition, receiving praise, or maybe having more popularity or fame than she has.

Her major weaknesses are, apparently, women. Not only does she go crazy over them, but on several occasions in the manga, she’s shown acting up towards men as well. This includes making sexual advances towards male and female soldiers and civilians alike. Of course, she denies these actions. Her reason? She claims she only wants their strength. Since she doesn’t care much for sex, she’d prefer a strong man instead.

Despite what some of her fans may believe, she is not evil. She shows more concern over others’ wellbeing than ever before (aside from during the attack on Shingeki). However, if asked directly about their intentions, she’ll tell you she means them harm. Still, this changes whenever she sees someone strong and courageous enough to stand against her enemy.

Like many people, Yelena AOT feels uneasy when faced with death. Whether it’s watching corpses rot away or standing next to someone who has died, she’s prone to shuddering and experiencing nausea – even after witnessing mass deaths.

Is Yelena Aot a villain?

Yes, she is a villain! According to the author Yoshigami Koyo, she’s an actual psychopath!

She plays the part of your main character’s opponent to perfection. Although the other members of the Survey Corps dislike her because she harms morale, she’s still one of the two main protagonists (the other being Eren Jaeger) in the story. She acts as an antagonist to almost every member of the Survey Corps throughout the first season, and later, the entire second season. Despite claiming to love Eren, she tries to kill him multiple times. Later, she helps fight against the Colossal Titan by joining Eren’s army. Even when she tries to save Eren from dying, she ultimately fails.

It must be noted here that while she’s technically Eren’s rival and his adversary, she hardly calls him anything. Instead, he’s “a titan” to her. Also, once they become closer, she becomes his friend (of sorts), although she still hates that he killed her husband/lover, Mikasa Ackerman. And just like everyone else, she has a change of heart towards Eren. She even saves him during his final battle with the third Armored Titan.

In addition, there are some similarities between her and Eren. Like Eren, she enjoys killing people and using violence to solve problems. She isn’t above stabbing an individual in the back and then leaving them to die.


Yelena aot Art is one of my favorite villains from the anime. I find her so intriguing because she’s unlike any other villain we’ve seen up until now. She seems like such a straightforward character in terms of appearance and personality. The truth is, however, that’s far from the case. Instead, she hides a lot of dark secrets beneath her magnetic surface.

She might look innocent and gentle at times, but, at least for me, she’s not sweet and kind all the time. There’s always a hint of malice hidden within her words and deeds.

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