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There are many reasons why people quit smoking vapes and then go back to smoking cigarettes. This is usually due to misinformation or a choice of the wrong product. Making the switch to vaping is an impressive process that must be pursued with determination, energy, and perseverance and provided with the right information suited to your needs. 

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People tend to be biased in the following places:

Wrong Choice

This could be the most frequent reason people turn away from smoking vaping. Remember that vaping is in its infancy, so the information about vaping isn’t as extensive as it could be. Once you’ve got the basics of vaping information, it won’t be difficult to become comfortable with it.

In addition, Many first-time vapers are not properly informed about the ideal product to use and are frequently advised advanced devices with the wrong nicotine strengths and the wrong e-liquid for the kit they have chosen. It could cause users to make a bad initial impression or don’t satisfy their craving for nicotine, and, consequently, the likelihood is they’ll quit and switch to the simpler alternative of smoking cigarettes.

If you are beginning to vape, you might wish to select the same device the friend of yours or a friend of your family uses. They’re likely more knowledgeable than you, and this particular kit might be too complicated for a new user. It’s always a good idea to test various kits to discover the ones you love; however, remember that they’re advanced equipment for reasons.

Due Care & Attention

It also refers to training for vaping and maintaining the device. If, for instance, you’ve never been taught to refill your tank or pod, this could lead to leaks from your device, and if you’ve not learned the proper method of changing your coils, it could lead to burning, bitter flavor, as well as dry hits that aren’t pleasant at all!


In the end, when it comes to stopping smoking cigarettes, the main challenge is maintaining the desire to be determined to stop smoking. There isn’t a quick solution, and it could require a few attempts to become comfortable with the habit of vaping. However, it’s been scientifically proven to assist you in your pursuit to quit smoking cigarettes. The primary reason why vaping is thought to be three times more effective than NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) is that many people find the mental and physical aspects of smoking enjoyable and that vaping is a close match.

We shouldn’t pretend that smoking cigarette isn’t a good way to spend time, which is why people become addicted. There’s no problem with admitting it, and with vaping, you’re experiencing the craving for nicotine with the effect of inhaling and exhaling to match, however, in an 85 percent less harmful form. 

Simple things like setting goals have proved useful in the process of switching. Let’s say you smoked ten cigarettes a day and lowered it to eight cigarettes the first week, then dropped it to six the next week, then to four cigarettes the next week, and so on until you were no longer smoking any cigarettes. There’s no way to know the right answer, and if you fall back and smoke again, do not get too upset about it. Just take a step back and get back on the horse.

Vaping Etiquette

Most public places have their own rules on smoking vapes; some are for it and allow vaping without hesitation, while others consider it with the same stance as smoking cigarettes. Always make sure to verify before your visit whether vaping is allowed. However, it’s up to you to decide whether starting your device is acceptable. Smoking discreetly should be considered because a large amount of smoke from your device could result in unpleasantness for people passing by and could be a hazard when driving, for instance.

Test Your Taste Buds

Although you may be drawn to a specific flavor after the first time you vape, the likelihood is that you will be bored over the next few months or weeks. It is always recommended to mix it up and experiment with new flavors because it’s a good reason to continue to vape while opening the door to an infinite variety of flavors you did not know existed. It’s also worth noting the condition called “vapers tongue,” in which a user cannot taste e-liquids and forms what appears to be an extremely thick layer on their tongue. The cure is typically simply changing to a different flavor and maintaining a consistent water intake.

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