Ypost Everything You Need to Know About Ypost 2021

Who is Ypost?

Ypost is the official name of the New York Post, a daily newspaper with its headquarters in New York City. The company was founded in 1978 and owned by News Corp in 1993 after being acquired by Peter S. Kalikow.

The ypost stock price has been on an upswing lately, with a 45% growth alone over the last two months. The y post current market value is $2.32B with a P/S ratio of 1.45 and a P/B ratio of 2.29. The current y post stock price is at $34 which leaves room for potential growth to y post expected earnings according to y post analyst consensus, which stands at 0%.

Ypost analysts expect y post revenue to be $1.31B and y post EPS to be at 0% for the y post fiscal year 2016, representing ypost growth from y post revenue last year of around -4.71%.

Ypost will publish y post Q3 earnings report on y post Thursday February 25th after y post market closes so stay tuned for updates!

In related news, ypost competitor Yahoo posted y/o/y earnings growth of 9.75%, beating analyst estimates of 7.84%. Ycharts reports that Yahoo has a beta value of 1.08 with an average volume traded per day of 3,662,826 as compared to 2,064,149 for this time last month and 472M for this y post month.

Ycharts ypost price to earnings ratio is 0 with ycharts y post market capitalization of $32.95B as compared ycharts yto y post competitor AOL, which is trading at a P/E ratio of -4.26 with ycharts post market cap of $1.83B. Y3li Ycharts provides free analytics for stocks, shares indexes, including the S&P 500, commodities, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and institutional portfolios.

What makes the Ypost different?

The ypost has the reputation of being the ‘most controversial’ daily newspaper in y post United States due y post to y post publishing gossip columnists such as y post Page yshare six, yshares by yshares Sara Stewart, and y post gossip column, yinfo.com/yahoo-y-posts-extremely-popular-video-hosting/page-six. The New York Post is known for its sensational headlines, mixing up real facts with fiction. In addition, the New York post is ycharts known for its unique use of photography and animations along with clickbait titles that draw in readers.

Gossip Girl writer Cindy Van Horne believes that “the paper’s guerrilla tactics work because it makes the yshare news page more exciting and relevant to New York lives.”

What’s Ycharts?

Ycharts is a for-profit organization that offers free stock market quotes, stock ycharts yshares news, and calculators.

Is Ycharts a reputable company?

Ycharts was created by Robert Dannhauser who serves as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In addition, Mr. Dannhauser is also a board member of David Lerner Associates Inc., an investment advisory firm that ycharts a 50% stake in ycharts.com

Ycharts is a member of the Financial Industry Standards journals, established by the Executives’ Club of Chicago and the CFA Institute. In addition, Ycharts has been recognized as one of Management Today’s “Best 100 Medium-Size Workplaces,” with an award presented on March 31st, 2015.

Growth Ypost

In ypost the year post when Ycharts acquired ycentral yco.com, ycentral saw a 13% growth in y posts users and a 22% growth in terms of page views

Ypost revenue breakdown

40% – advertising

43% – subscriptions

10% – syndication/licensing

This article was written collaboratively by YCentral and Y Post. YPost is considered one of the best online platforms to post your story or share content due to its ease-of-use, affordability, the fast load time for pages, and lack of advertisements, along with thousands of others.


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