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Noogata, an Israeli startup, offers a platform that helps business users transform data into actionable insight and then use those insights to drive growth, profit, and opportunities. This technology allows business users to quickly and easily scale AI across their companies. A wide variety of blue-chip businesses are already using Noogata.

Noogata is a leader of no-code Artificial Intelligence

Noogata, an enterprise platform that integrates all the digital signals and applies AI models for actionable data insights, is called Noogata. It can help organizations analyze large amounts of data in real-time without having internal development teams. It integrates with existing enterprise data systems such as Salesforce.

The total funding raised by the company was $28 million. This investment will allow the startup to expand its product development capabilities and business. The startup plans to use the money to expand into new markets and serve existing customers. Noogata has secured funding from eight Roads Ventures and Team8, as well as Allon Ventures.

The company is a leader in global no-code AI. The company’s AI platform was designed for business users. It transforms data into actionable insights that can be used to increase growth, profit, or other opportunities. It offers best-in-class AI without the need to build complex models. Companies from finance to e-commerce use the company’s technology.

Assaf Egozi is Noogata’s CEO. He has over 20 years of business and technology experience. Assaf Egozi has worked in the military, McKinsey & Company, and early-stage startups. His experience in AI and machine learning has given him unique insight into scaling it.

It provides a framework that abstracts much of the development work

The Noogata AI platform provides modular AI blocks that allow non-developers to build enterprise applications. It utilizes AI frameworks to provide data insights and abstract away most of the development work. It also offers the tools to automate data-driven decision-making through its AI platform.

Noogata, an AI startup, develops no-code solutions to enterprises. Skylake Capital and Team8 have provided seed funding of $12 million to Noogata. It targets industries like retail, ecommerce and financial services. It intends to use the funding to grow its workforce and accelerate its go-market efforts.

It raised $16 Million in Series A funding

The company raised funds to increase its sales, marketing and product development team. It plans to partner with large data warehouses and expand its integrations with other data sources. Noogata envisions artificial Intelligence being accessible to all enterprise users around the world.

The company uses AI to turn billions of data points into actionable business insights and predictions. Noogata currently employs 40 people between Tel Aviv, Israel, and New York. They are also hiring leaders in finance, sales, customer success, and finance.

You can find a wide range of jobs available.

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Oren Raboy and Assaf Egozi founded Noogata. It provides AI blocks that can be plugged into your application. The platform’s AI platform uses no-code AI frameworks, which abstracts much of the development work. Customers can audit and retrain AI solutions sparingly.

It expects to employ over 100 people by 2022

Nagata, an AI platform that blends billions of data points to aid businesses in making the right decisions based on that data, is called Noogata. Colgate Palmolive is a client of the company. The company plans to grow to over 100 employees by 2022. The company currently employs 40 people in New York and Tel Aviv. It is currently looking for engineers, finance, sales, and customer success leadership positions.


Noogata, an Israeli startup that provides no-code Artificial Intelligence solutions, is known for its innovative approach. Eight Roads, a global venture capital firm, led a $16 million Series B round. Its platform uses AI frameworks without programming knowledge and helps business users turn data into actionable insights. The AI platform takes out much of the work involved in developing AI frameworks, which makes it easier to scale AI across organizations.

It employs more than 40 people and has offices in Tel Aviv and New York City. This year, it plans to hire for leadership positions, such as product development and sales. It also hopes to establish partnerships with large data warehouses.

Its AI platform

Noogata, an Israeli platform for AI, has received $16 million in Series B funding from global venture capitalists Eight Roads Ventures and Allon Ventures. This funding will allow the company to grow rapidly. Its goal is to empower business users with the necessary data-driven decision-making tools. Its AI platform was designed for enterprise use and has been trusted by large companies such as Colgate Palmolive, PepsiCo and others.

More than 40 people work for the company in Israel and New York. The company plans to use the funds for product development, engineering, sales, and its AI blocks platform expansion. It plans to establish partnerships with big data warehouses to increase its market reach and add AI-powered capabilities to its platform.

Its expansion plans for the United States

Noogata, a data science and AI company, is seeking to expand its operations across the United States. The company currently has offices in New York City and Tel Aviv. The company plans to expand its sales and marketing team, as well expanding its AI product offerings. The company also plans to establish partnerships with large data warehouses to make its AI-based algorithms more accessible to a wider audience.

Its research-and-development operations in Israel

Noogata will invest $13 million in Israeli research and development operations to support its rapid growth. Its mission is to assist businesses in making data-driven decisions using artificial Intelligence. The company intends to use the funds to expand its R&D activities in Israel and to increase its sales and marketing team in the United States. The company plans to use Amazon, Shopify, and Google data to build a stronger AI platform for businesses.


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