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How Often Should You do Yoga and Yoga Guidelines

When it comes to yoga, the questions people most commonly have less to do with yoga poses and more to do with yoga’s impact on health.

Here are a few of the most common yoga questions:

  • How often should you practice yoga? 
  • How can your yoga practice help your health? 
  • And how has yoga changed our lives in the past year?

To answer these yoga questions, our yoga expert recommends following some basic yoga guidelines.

  • It’s recommended that you do yoga at least five times per week.
  • do some warm up stretches before practicing yoga; 
  • drink lots of water both before and after yoga practice; 
  • avoid eating right before yoga practice, especially heavy foods; 
  • consider wearing looser clothing during yoga than what you might wear elsewhere; 
  • and find a yoga class that is appropriate for your yoga level.

These yoga guidelines are good ones to keep in mind as you’re planning yoga practice—whether it’s at the beginning, end or somewhere in between of your week.

Yoga can be done anywhere (at home, hotel rooms, outdoor spaces).

However yoga is most effective when you are in a yoga-friendly environment.

Yoga should not be done on a full stomach, after strenuous exercise or if you have high blood pressure. You should also avoid yoga if you are menstruating or pregnant.

Doctors recommend yoga as a workout for everyone because it combines strength training with stretching exercises to lengthen and tone muscles.

Yoga is also effective for stress reduction, core strengthening and helping with flexibility and stability.

One yoga class can be equivalent to a 30-minute yoga workout (combining yoga poses and yoga breathing exercises) or an hour of yoga practice (moving between yoga poses).

There are yoga rules for practicing yoga at home, too.

These yoga guidelines include setting aside enough time—

  • At least 30 minutes to complete yoga poses and yoga breathing exercises;
  • having yoga furniture that is adequate (a yoga mat, yoga blocks or yoga straps);
  • practicing yoga in a space with good air circulation;
  • Turning yoga practice into a yoga ritual (a yoga routine).

It’s also recommended that you set yoga goals (such as committing to yoga five days per week for 30 minutes) and stick with them. You can purchase Pureful Yoga’s cork yoga mat that contains zero mold and mildew

Of course, there are yoga rules that apply when practicing yoga in class or learning yoga through yoga DVDs or yoga videos.

These yoga guidelines are to attend yoga classes taught by yoga instructors who have experience teaching yoga, and to give constructive feedback when asked for it.

Have fun with your yoga practice!

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